Residence: Seattle

Birthday: 9/19

Age: approaching Geri-gothdom


Website: StarVox ; Glitterdome

Likes: Some of her favorite things [in no particular order] are candles, faux-fur, rockn'roll drag queens [or any gender bending or androgynous person for that matter] - see Glitterdome, MAC makeup, good earthy/spice smells like cloves, sandlewood and bergomot, four-legged critters, poems by Ty, bats, Terry, spiders, gay boys, anything written by Caitlin R Kiernan, curry and Thai food, rain storms, lightning, cold weather, autumn, big ass boots, soft pillows, stripey socks and soup for breakfast. She hates sports, politics, relationships, organized religion and psychotic step fathers. She loves her siblings. Current musical favorites include but aren't limited to:  Bella Morte, The Cruxshadows, Gary Numan, The Brickbats, Sneaky Bat Machine, Cinema Strange, Myssouri, Ghoultown, Audra, Glampire, The Broken Men, David Bowie, Soil & Eclipse, Peter Murphy, vidnaObmana, Deathwatch Beetle Repairmen, Faith & the Muse, Cosmic Slut, Replicate and Acts Madalena.

Caitlin and Blu @ a book signing
GothFrog by Cleve!!!
When Goats Fly - (for Kirin)
Spider gift from Kathryn (thankie!)Blu's new kitten: Ra