Residence: San Francisco

Birthday: 10/07/70 (the day Joplin was buried if anyone cares) 

Age: Older than I look. 



Likes: These can change without notice. At the moment they include--but are not limited to--cats, dogs, rats, ferrets, mice--most animals really (though only one cat lives with me at the moment), Diet Coke, tattoos (3), body piercing (4), 80s hair bands (yeah, yeah, I know), scented candles, dark fiction, writing, reading, vampires (It just keeps getting worse, doesn't it?), cooking (It's not a domestic activity damnit, it's an art!), computers, Courtney Love, french fries dipped in ranch dressing, lava lamps, Dr. Seuss, Marilyn Monroe, Alice in Wonderland, long-haired pretty bois, beautiful goth grrls, good thrift stores, Christina Ricci, travelling, and, last but *definitely* not least, my grrlfriend Sherilyn (which is large, mushy area of my life that I won't babble about here). 

Quote: "Don't shut down your thinking about others because they are different." --photographer, Vivienne Maricevic